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Examplary 25-20 marks

Very Good under 20-15 marks

Developing under 15- 10 marks

Begining under 10 marks


# Examplary Very Good Developing Beginning Score
Comprehension The child has demostrated a complete and detailed understanding of subject matter The child has a complete understanding of the information important to the topic but not in great detail. The chlid has an incomplete understanding of the topic and/or misconceptions about some of the information. However, the child maintains a basic understanding of the topic. The chil's understanding of the topic is so incomplete or has many misconceptions that a child may not be said to understand the topic. 25%
Presentation of Album Album is prepared in a professional manner. Details are minimized so that main points stand out. Appropriate information is prepared. Some material is not supported by visual aids Occasional use of graphics that rarely support presentation; visual aids were not colorful or clear Student uses no graphics, or graphics that are so poorly prepared that they detract from the presentation 40%
Information Accuracy Excellent use of information. It is well put together,current and accurate Information is current and accurate. has a lack of togetherness Information is not current and accurate No attempt was made to evaluate data. 25%
Peer Review Positive responses to the work of others with pertinent and original insights. No attempt to degrade other presentations Responds to the work of others. Comments are usually informative and/or original Seems unaware or uninterested in responding to others without being prompted. May attempt to degrade other presentations Offers inadequate responses to the comments of others; short or without new ideas. 10%

Total Score: 100%

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