Under the Quilt of Night



You will be evaluated by the ruberic below.  The project is worth 100 pts, an additional 10 pts will be given based on presenting to the class.


# Score
Clarity and Neatness article is hard to read. Student didn't write complete sentences. There is no order to the article article is hard to read but is written with some organization. article is easy to read and it is mostly organized and writtne with complete sentences. Article is easy to read and is well organized and written with complete sentences. 50 pts
Spelling & Grammar Several spelling and/or grammatical errors on the storyboard. One spelling or grammatical error on the storyboard. No spelling or grammatical mistakes on a storyboard with little text. No spelling or grammatical mistakes on a storyboard with lots of text. 5 pts
Required Elements One or more required elements was missing from the story. Story included all required elements. Story included all required elements and one additional element. Story included all required elements as well as a few additional elements. 25 pts
Research It is apparent that the student did not research the topic further and did not include it in story. Student did little research. Student did some research on the topic and included some aspects in story. Student clearly researched and understood the tipic and included it in their story. 20 pts

Total Score: 100

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