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Time Management is an important aspect for students now as it will be for them as adults. Managing ones time means the very essence of productive and non productive. It can means the saving of ones career and losing it. As a result, students will be asked to create a practical time schedule to display their current activities and subject area. Students are asked to include a section for leisure and rest. 


# Organization Language & Grammer Practical Score
1 Time Schduled in order No spelling error Task is practical 5
2 No error in schedule Tenses are correct Relevant 5
3 Leisure time reasonable 5

Total Score: 15


Web Link
  • Time Management
    Description: Please go to google classroom and watch the two videos. One is an powerful lesson about time management. The other is 10 tips for managing your time wisely. Time Management is something we must do throughout our life not just at school, that is if we want to be productive people. Write down 5 ways you manage your time wisely and create a time management schedule that is practical for your subject area and your indivdual situation.

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