What is Economics and why is it important to me?




# Beginning 1 Developing 2 Very Good 3 Exemplary 4 Score
Comprehension of Material Unable to differentiate between goods and services. Does not understand the concept of supply and demand. Able to differentiate somewhat between goods and services. Vaguely understands supply and demand. Undertands the difference between goods and services. Understands the concept od supply and demand beginning to develop an understandingthe importance of economics. Understands why economics is important to them. Able to differentiate between goods and services and the relationship of supply and demand. %60
Sucess of the activity Unable to successfully run the lemonade stand. Earned from 10-30% in customer satsfaction. Earned from 30%-60% in customer satisfaction. Earned at least 60% in customer satisfaction. %10
Collaboration Student's focus was limited and did not fully add to the group's production. Student was an active partcipant but, did not add relevant ideas to the group. Student was an active participant but, needed to be reminded what to do by the other group members. Student participated full and added relevant ideas to the task and contributed fully to the final product. %30

Total Score: %100

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