Shopping for Family in Quebec City



This is worth a total of 100 points (50 points for the brochure and 50 points for the PowerPoint and Presentation).  You will be graded as a group, so it is important that you all work together. The only expection to this is if any one member is absent without excuse, that individual will fail the project. If a written notice of an excuse seems acceptible to the teacher, that individual may create their own presentation under the same requirements to present to the class. IT IS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE TO BE PRESENT.


# 0-1 Beginning 1.5 - 2.5 Developing 3-4 Competent 5 Exemplary Score
Brochure format Little or no information given, missing more than one image and no heading. Somewhat creative, and informative, but missing an image, and has no heading Somewhat creative, and informative but missing an image, or heading. Creative, informative, and complete to the task. Includes 3 or more images and appropriate headings.
Grammar and creativity Many errors, no transitions, confusion in understanding writing Some errors in subject/verb agreement, spelling, and/or punctuation. Resulting in some confusion in understanding. Some errors in subject/verb agreement, spelling and/or punctuation, but does not create difficulty in understanding No errors in Subject/Verb Agreement, spelling and/or punctuation. No run-on sentences
Research and Details about Quebec It appears that little or no research was done on the necessary information. Students had little to no information to give to the class. The team lacked significantly in researching all the necessary information. Not much information was offered to the class. The team has researched the necessary information in order to have a complete presentation. The team has researched not only the required information, but also additional information that enriched their work.
Presentation Presentation lacked cohesion, and was confusing. Presenters did not stay within the allotted time. The presentation was not entertaining. The team struggled to present their topic to the class clearly. Presenters did not stay within allotted time. The presentation was somewhat entertaining. The team knew their topic and how to clearly present it. Presenters stayed within allotted time. The presentation was not only entertaining, but the topic was also clearly given. Each member of the team was prepared to present their country, and knew their topic. Presenters stayed within allotted time.

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