Infectious Disease Exploration




# Beginning Developing Good Outstanding Score
Quality of the slide show You created a PowerPoint presentation, but few slides and little effort put into it. Good number of slides, but text is copied from another site instead of your own words. Pictures are sparce or missing. Organization and explanation of topic needs work. Presentation is well organized, but just leaves the audience expecting something else, something more. The appearance is solid, the pictures are appropriate, but more could be done to really explain the topic. Presentation leaves the audience impressed with your thorough knowledge of the subject and your ability to communicate with a quality presentation. Organization is logical and complete, pictures are just right, text is your own, references are sited. 25
Thoroughness Not very complete - either slides are missing, or copy/pasted materials, or large blank areas. Most of the basic points are present, but not all, or they are incomplete. All points are presented, but there are some gaps in the presentation that a thorough investigation should have filled. All points are covered in a complete manner, details are plentiful and student has put them in their own words. 25
Vocabulary Language usage is very elementary, there might be misspellings, and big words cannot be pronounced. Definite attempt to add scientific disease words to the presentation, but student does not display a strong understanding of what they mean. Scientific vocabulary in place, student pronounces most words correctly, but might stumble on a few. Definite attempt to "sound official" with their report. Student uses medical disease language often, correctly, and confidently. 25
Acting Student barely showed the symptoms and processes of the disease. Student quickly showed the symptoms and processes of the disease, but could have done more. Student showed the symptoms and processes of the disease by acting it out, but still leaves the audience wondering about the transmission, treatment or prevention of it. Student fully showed the symptoms and processes of the disease, audience is left with a clear understanding of what they saw. 25

Total Score: 100

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