Dewey the Cat's Library Adventure



The rubric below shows the possible points for each section of your project. You will be graded individually for locating the books in your assigned section of the Library Media Center and for completing the Graphic Organizer. You will also receive a group grade for completing your team's section of the class map, PowerPoint slides, and presentation. Remember that creativity and cooperation are also part of your grade! A score of 10 or more out of 12 is an "A".


# Unsatisfactory, 0 points Mediocre, 1 point Good work, 2 points Excellent! 3 points Score
Individual- Graphic Organizer Graphic Organizer was not turned in. Information is incorrect or sections are missing. All work is completed correctly. Work is not only complete, but also neat and free of spelling errors.
Team section of the class map Did not participate. Very little effort. Participated fully. Made suggestions and stayed on task.
PowerPoint slides and Team Presentation Did not participate. Very little effort. Participated fully, made suggestions. Made suggestions, stayed on task, and produced quality work.
Teamwork Did not participate or inhibited work of group. Very minimal team effort. Good team player, respectful of others. Team leader, respectful, helped other members achieve common goal.

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