The Importance of Turnout in Ballet



Your evaluation will be based off of 4 different categories:

  1. Turnout Photographs: Your turnout should increase by 30 degrees in order to make an excellent; 20 degrees to make a very good, 10 degrees to make a fair, and if no improvement was made at all, you will receive a poor.  *This will be 15% of your final grade.*
  2. Paper: Your paper must have clear thoughts and ideas, be well organized, be grammatically correct throughout the majority of the paper, and must cover the following topics:  A) The dancers' use of turnout B) Your opinion on how their movements were bettered by their use of turnout C) Your overall thoughts of the performance (use examples and character names to support your thoughts). *This will be 40% of your final grade.*
  3. Quiz:  Multiple choice / True and False / Fill in the blank QUIZ.  This will be the overall assessment of the task. *This will be 40% of your final grade.*
  4. Injury: This proves how well you've done your research and whether or not you used the correct muscles to develop your turnout.  If not, and you have developed an injury, you will receive a poor for this category. *This will be 5% of your final grade.*


# Excellent Very Good Fair Poor Score
Turnout Photographs 30 degree increase of turnout (with good turnout technique) 20 degree increase of turnout (with good turnout technique) 10 degree increase of turnout (with good turnout technique) No improvement of turnout 15%
Paper Has clear thoughts and ideas; is well organized; most of paper is grammatically correct. Includes all three topics (A-C) Thoughts and ideas are pretty clear; a few things out of organization; some grammatical errors. Includes all 3 topics (A-C) Paper is a hard to follow; pretty disorganized; a lot of grammatical errors. Includes 2 of the 3 topics. Ideas are very unclear; paper is really disorganized; paper is so hard to follow and there are too many grammatical errors. Includes 1 or none of the topics. 40%
Quiz Made a 90% or above Made an 80-89% Made a 70-79% Made a 69% or below 40%
Injury No injury Ankles hurt a little Knees and Ankles hurt Knees, ankles, shins, and lower back all hurt 5%

Total Score:

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