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Evaluation Rubric

  Excellent Very Good Average Needs Improvement Score

Creative, informative, and complete to the task. Includes 5 or more images, appropriate headings, and 5 paragraphs. Somewhat creative, and informative but missing an image, or heading. Somewhat creative, and informative, but missing an image, heading, or paragraph. Missing creativity and required images, headings and paragraphs based on the task. 30

WRITING No errors in Subject/Verb Agreement, spelling and/or punctuation. No run-on sentences. Some errors in subject/verb agreement, spelling and/or punctuation, but does not create difficulty in understanding Some errors in subject/verb agreement, spelling, and/or punctuation. Resulting in some confusion in understanding. Difficult to understand due to errors in subject/verb agreement, spelling, and/or punctuation. 30

NOTES Kept a log of website with notes. At least 3 sentences for each website. Kept a log of websites with notes, but wrote less than 3 sentences. Kept a log of websites, but missing notes. Did not keep a lot of websites or notes. 20

PRESENTATION Students worked cooperatively as a team. Students communicated with each other every day in English. All students were present and on time each day. Students worked cooperatively as a team. Students did not communicate in English every day. There may have been one absence/ lateness. There was a conflict in the group. Students did not communicate with each other in English sufficiently. There may have been two absences/latenesses. There were too many absences/lateness that resulted in poor team work. 20

Total Score: 100

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