Exploring Expository Essays or How to Write a Research Paper.




# Weak Adequate Proficient Exemplary Score
Introduction / Thesis Weak introduction and thesis. Thesis is unclear or missing. Adequate introduction and thesis. Introduction states topic and thesis is somewhat clear. Proficient introduction that states topic, thesis, and gives a little background information. Exemplary introduction that grabs the readers attention. Thesis statement is clear, well thought out and concise. 25
Content Limited information. Lack of planning and preparation. Lack of sufficiant detail. Not enough sources. Some evidence of research, however, lacking accurate, adequate information. Possible need of more sources. Paper is well researched. Good details. Sufficiant evidence of planning and preparation. A variety of sources cited and proven. Exceptionally written. Very detailed. Significant amount of evidence from a wide variety of sources. 25
Organization / Fluency Weak development. Ideas not organized properly. Does not flow smoothly. Somewhat clear development. Some, but not all paragraphs are organized with proper transition. Good topic development. Logical order of ideas. Good transition between paragraphs and thoughts. Exceptionally logical and thorough development of ideas. Excellant support of thesis and great transition. 25
Conventions Poor use of conventions, more than 3 spelling errors. Did not proofread or revise. Some use of proper conventions. Less than 3 spelling errors. Need to proofread and revise more carefully. Good use of conventions. Less than 5 grammar errors. Proper use of all conventions. No spelling or grammar errors. 25

Total Score: %100

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