Sedimentary Rocks



     To meet the Performance Standards of Scientific Inquiry, each student must demonstrate proficiency in:

  • Understanding of scientific concepts.
  • An appreciation of "how" and "what we know" in science.
  • Skills necessary to become independant inquirers about the natural world.
  • The disposition to use the skills, abilities associated with science.


# Score
Has a plan for investigation. Answers are thorough. Answers are lacking a few details and vocabulary. Answers are missing major details. Answeres are incomplete.
Use of web tools/links to dig for information. Visits all of the web links. Visits most of the web links. Visits two web links. Visits one web link.
Collection and application of data. Thorough application of data. Moderate application of data. Major portion of data missing. Application of data only consisted of a few points.

Total Score:

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