Here is how you will be evaluated for your workings.


# Presentation Information Working Skills Extra Points Score
Bad (1 point) Was the presentation dull and unimaginative? If so... 1 pt Was the information false or copied and pasted? Was there not enough information? If so... 1 pt Did the student work in a group at the right time and independently at the right time? Did they cooperate? If not... 1 pt If the students work had no highlights, thestudent will be given no extra points 3 (if all work is bad)
Adequate (2 points) Was the work presented in a neat, yet subtle and slightly dull manner? If so... 2 pts Was there only an adequate amount of information? Was there some information that was maybe copied and pasted? If so... 2 pts Was the worker slightly adjusted from working in a team? Were they slightly slower than others at working independently? If so... 2 pts If the worker had work that was a bit better than adequate, add 1 pt for every subject (eg: Presentation was above adequate; 1 extra point). Between 6-9 (if all work is adequate)
Good (3 points) Was the presentation neat and imaginative? If so... 3 pts Was there a good amount of information? Was all the information the workers words? If so... 3 pts Was the worker able to work well in a team as well as independently? If so... 3 pts Was the work in subject(s) between good and excellent? If so... add 2 extra points for each subject Between 9 -15 ( if all work is good)
Excellent (5 points) Was the presentation extremely creative and perfectly neat? If so... 5 pts Was there a large bulk od interesting information? Was all the work the workers? If so... 5 pts Could the student define roles and cooperate in a group as well as work quickly and neatly independently? If so... 5 pts If the students work stood out in any subject, add 4 extra points for each subject Between 15-27 (if all work is excellent)

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