Parachute Jumping



# Beginning 1 Developing 2 Very Good 3 Exemplary 4 Score
Reading assignment You gave a lot of wrong answers! You should practise more! You gave some good answers, but you reading skills really have to improve! Well done!You only made a few mistakes. Congratulations! You answered all the questions correctly! When reading you understand the text perfectly. %25
Listening assignment Your listening skills really need improvement! Some of your answers are corrects, but you should practise more. A lot of times you didn't get the point. Very good! You have made some mistakes, but on average you can understand what is said. Perfect! Your listening skills are well developed, you can understand English speaking people well! %25
Writing assignment You made a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. The email is not readable for an Englishman. Your email can be read, but needs improvement. Work on your grammar and spelling! Very good! An Englishman can understand your email perfectly well. You only made a few minor mistakes. Perfect! You didn't make any mistakes! %50

Total Score: %100

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