CHRISTMAS DAY by Lola Cubillo



Don't forget to keep this activity in your folder until the end of the course.  A notebook with all the worksheets completed about D-Days during the school year should be prepared, with a cover design about your favourite D-Day

Evaluation Rubric

CONTENTS AND RESEARCH You have done all the tasks correctly, using all the resources related to them You have not done all the tasks correctly but have used all the resources available to solve them You have neither done all the tasks correctly nor used all the available resources 50 %
ATTITUDE You have shown an excellent attitude during the performance of the tasks and have collaborated with your classmates You have shown a positive attitude but have not collaborated enough with your classmates You have not shown a good attitude 25 %
PERFORMANCE You have presented clean, tidy, well-prepared worksheets You have presented good worksheets, but you could do better You have presented untidy worksheets 25 %

Total Score: 100 %

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