The Beauty of a Butterfly



Students will be evaluted based on their participation and consistency on performing their research each day till the last day of the project. Students will also be evaluated through observation of their activeness in the activity.


# Excellent! Great Job! Good! Work harder! Score
Participation Student participated fully towards all the activity days student participated most of the time. Student participated half of the time. Student did not participate at all during the whole activity. 100
Completed observation days Student completed all observation days Student completed most of their observation days Student did little of their observation days. Student did not complete their observation days 100
Creativity of artwork Student used their creativity to the extent to complete their artwork using variety of mediums student was creative using some mediums student use little creativity but completed the artwork student did not create a work of art. 100
materials Student acquired all materials for activity Student had some of the materials Student had little of the assigned materials no materials where used. 100

Total Score:

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