What Is Descriptive Text and Procedure Text?



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Scores for assignment grading are in the rubric below. please, to read carefully.


Amy Phylana S


# Criteria 1 Criteria 2 Criteria 3 Criteria 4 Score
Developing Idea Original Clear Relateble - 40
Generic Structure Descriptive text: Identification Procedure Text: Goal/Aim Descriptive text: Description Procedure Text: Materials/Tools Descriptive text: - Procedure Text: Steps - 30
Language Features Using Simple Present Tense Descriptive text: Using Particular Noun Procedure Text: Using Imperative Sentence Using Action Verb Descriptive text: Using Adjective To Clarify Noun Procedure Text: Using Connective of Sequences 20
Mechanics Capitalization Punctuation Spelling - 10

Total Score: 100

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