Fold and Fly



This is how your work will be evaluated.


# Outstanding 4 pts. Very Satisfactory 3 pts. Satisfactory 2 pts. Needs Improvement 1 Score
Skill Can fold the paper correctly. Have 1 mistake in folding. Have 2-4 mistakes in folding. Have many mistakes in folding.
Directions Can follow the step by step procedure ing. Can follow the directions but still have some difficulty following some steps. Have difficulty in following directions but can finish doing the origami. Have difficulty in following the directions.
Creativity Very good design, impressive idea. Good design, good idea. Plain design, good idea. Plain design, flat idea.
Finished Product The finished product is neat and folded correctly Can finish the origami but it's not that neat. The finished product is not well folded or have many visible creases. There are lots mistakes in folding, though the student can produce the origami.

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