The Organs of Sense



        The rubric below will show how students will be graded. It is recommended that all student try and find the correct answers so that each will be properly equipped for your next lesson.


# Poor Fair Good Excellent Score
Participation Student did not participate in any activities. Student participated in few activities. Student participated in most activities. Student participated in all activities. 30
Following Instructions Student did not follow any instructions. Student followed few instructions. Student followed most instructions. All instructions were followed. 25
Worksheets Student does not do worksheet. Student turns worksheet in incomplete - misses half of points. Student completes worksheet - misses few points. Student completes worksheet - misses no points. 25
Attitude and Behavior Student has poor attitude and behavior (excessive talking, acts up, etc.). Student has fair behavior in few activities. Student has good behavior in most activities. Student has excellent behavior in all activities. 20

Total Score: 100

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