1. Answer : Transitive verb
My mother needs me to help her buy some clothes for the party at her friend’s house. (Ibu saya memerlukan saya untuk membantunya membeli beberapa pakaian untuk sebuah pesta di rumah temannya)
• Transitive Verb: needs
• Objek: me

2. Answer : Transitive verb
The girl in pink put her little bag on the bench in the park two days ago. (Anak perempuan yang memakai baju pink meletakkan tas kecilnya di atas sebuah kursi di sebuah taman dua hari yang lalu)
• Transitive Verb: put
• Objek: her little bag

3. Answer : Intransitive verb
Caleb slept very late last night because of studying hard for the national examination. (Caleb tidur sangat larut kemarin malam karena belajar sangat keras untuk ujian nasional)

4. Answer : Transitive verb
A boy threw the ball at me when I was walking through a basketball field last week. (Seorang anak laki – laki melempar bola ke arah saya dengan tidak sengaja ketika saya sedang berjalan melewati lapangan bola basket minggu yang lalu)
• Transitive Verb: threw
• Objek: the ball

5. Answer : Intransitive verb
The maple seed that i planted a week ago now grows up a little by showing one little leaf. (Biji buah maple yang saya tanam satu minggu yang lalu sekarang tumbuh sedikit dengan adanya satu daun kecil)

6. Answer : Intransitive verb
The last leaf on my oak tree falls down which means that the winter is coming closer. (Daun terakhir di pohon oak saya jatuh yang menandakan bahwa musim dingin akan segera tiba)

7. Answer : Transitive verb
My families and I eat something delicious together on weekend every month. (Keluarga saya dan saya makan sesuatu yang lezat bersama pada akhir pekan setiap bulan)
• Transitive Verb: eat
• Objek: something delicious

8. Answer : Intransitive verb

I smile from ear to ear when I finish my seminar and I get a good mark. (Saya tersenyum lebar ketika saya menyelesaikan seminar saya dan mendapatkan nilai yang bagus)

9. Answer : Transitive verb

We rent our car to the students who want to conduct a research in a village for three days. (Kami menyewakan mobil kami kepada para siswa yang ingin mengadakan penelitian di sebuah desa selama tiga hari)
• Transitive Verb: rent
• Objek: our car

10. Answer : Intransitive verb
My friends and I will go to some places in London to spend our summer holiday there. (Teman – teman saya dan saya akan pergi ke beberapa tempat di London untuk menghabiskan liburan musim panas kami di sana)


11. Answer : b. slept (irregular verb)
He had taken his pills before he … (sleep) last night.
a. sleeped
b. slept

12. Answer : a. affected (regular verb)

You … (affect) my decision to apply as a transfer student.
a. affected
b. affectted

13. Answer : b. bought (irregular verb)
When I … (buy) my first property, I did a little research.
a. buyed
b. bought

14. Answer : a. studied (regular verb)
It was Julius von Haast who … (study) geology and mineralogy at the University of the Rhine.
a. studied
b. study

15. Answer : b. began (irregular verb)
In 2005 she … (begin) working at a police office located in Illinois.
a. begun
b. began

16. Answer : b. spoke (irregular verb)
Who just … (speak) at the conference?
a. speaked
b. spoke

17. Answer : b. chatted (regular verb)
It’s been a long time since we last … (chat)
a. chated
b. chatted

18. Answer : a. cried out (regular verb)
I heard that they … (cry out) for help.
a. cried out
b. cryed out

19. Answer : a. wore (irregular verb)
He … (wear) an overcoat with jeans yesterday.
a. wore
b. worn

20. Answer : b. touched (regular verb)
The trained nurse … (touch) blood with gloves.
a. touch
b. touched


21. Answer : are
There are three children in the park.

22. Answer : is
There is plenty of pizza left.

23. Answer : looks
The brown suitcase looks heavy.

24. Answer : smells
My dog’s fur smells bad all the time.

25. Answer : looks
Everything looks clean after a rainstorm.

26. Answer : were
There were a big car and a small car in the garage.

27. Answer : felt
Katherine felt sleepy after the big dinner.

28. Answer : is
The printer is out of paper.

29. Answer : felt
I felt disappointed after the test.

30. Answer : is
The manual is on the top shelf.


31. Answer : a. mustn’t
You … throw litter from your vehicle because it can pose a risk to the environment.
a. mustn’t
b. won’t

32. Answer : a. can
… you please check my paper for grammar errors?
a. can
b. may

33. Answer : b. will
If I ask a question about your past, … you answer it?
a. would
b. will

34. Answer : b. should
You … pay your credit card bill immediately.
a. would
b. should

35. Answer : a. could
She … do more than two tasks at one time yesterday.
a. could
c. can

36. Answer : b. might have
Had the applicant sent his resume before the deadline, he … worked here.
a. might
b. might have

37. Answer : a. may
Vira has very smooth skin. She … apply olive oil to her face before going to bed.
a. may
b. should

38. Answer : b. would
… you mind checking out my website?
a. could
b. would

39. Answer : b. shall
… I resend my resume?
a. would
b. shall

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