Automotive Technology and Components



With a partner, begin assessing your past and current knowledge of vehicle components and functions.  You are to develop a presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, Animoto, etc.) that discusses, in detail, the following:

1. Your prior knowledge of cars
2. A component or system you learned about during this presentation
3. Confidence with vehicle components and systems (Would you tackle maintenance and repair on your own?)

Reference for part names


# 15 pts 10 pts 5 pts 0 pts Score
Prior knowledge Gave many examples. Presented clearly. Gave some examples of prior knowledge. Material was clear, but lacking. Few examples given. Presentation severely lacking. No examples of prior knowledge. No information provided. 0
Education on component or system Component or system clearly defined and described. Component or system identified, but not fully developed Component or system identified with no supporting development No component or system identified 0
Confidence Description of confidence thorough and well thought out Confidence level stated, but reasoning lacking. Confidence level stated, no reasoning. Confidence level not stated. 0

Total Score:


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