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The grading will be a more simplistic approach because it is about the growing knowledge of these big technology companies own a lot the products/services we use and you may not even know.  The advantages and disadvantages will be graded the heaviest to make sure you are understanding what you're reading.  Make sure you double check for spelling and grammar mistakes along with the requirement for advantages and disadvantages.  If you do not meet the two page requirement then you will not do well overall because the lack of content.


# 1 2 3 4 Score
Spelling/Grammar A lot of mistakes, needs to be completely revised Some mistakes, couple of errors here and there. Minimal mistakes, overall good work No mistakes, the paper flows nicely
Required Length Stops at the start of the second page, lacks content Halfway of the second page, not enough content Almost 2 full pages Meets and exceeds the two page minimum
Incorporate all 5 companies 2 companies compared 3 companies talked about 4 companies talked about All 5 companies explained
Advantages/Disadvantages 2 advantage and disadvantages 3 advantage and disadvantage 4 advantages and disadvantage 6 advantage and disadvantages

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