The following rubrics will be used to evaluate your research and knowledge of successful entrepreneurs.


# Limited or No Understanding Some Understanding Excellent Understanding Score
Identify the traits of entrepreneur, manager, and leader 0 Points : Student did not identify any traits. 10 Points : Not all three researched, questionable resources. 20 Points : Student goes above and beyond research of all three. Uses proper resources and lists the proper attributes found. 20
Two Entrepreneurs chosen and questions answered. 0 Points : Student did not participate in the group and choose two entrepreneurs. 20 Points : Questions answered; however they show disconnect from the objectives. Only one entrepreneur chosen or incomplete questions. 40 Points : Student answers ALL questions for each entrepreneur. 40
Express your own opinion in your short answer 0 Points : Student did not state their own opinion and submit a short answer. 10 Points : Student shared their opinion; however did not incorporate the objectives of the assignment. 20 Points : Perfect Understanding of the traits and attributes of their entrepreneurs. 20
Peer Review /Proper Citation / Grammar / Spelling 0 Points : Grammar, Spelling and APA formatting was not found within this assignment. Student did not review their team mates short answers. 10 Points : Student engaged somewhat with the team. Some misspellings, some grammar mistakes and/or resources not properly cited. 20 Points : Perfect and meaningful review of your team mates’ short answers, courteous and kind in a team setting. Perfect resource page and citations, grammar, spelling. 20

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