Exchange Program: India



Your grade reflects your individual and collaborative work and it will be based on your effort, what you learned and the team work.


# Poor Average Very good Excellent Score
Team work Students did NOT collaborate. (0-8 points) Student did not make an effort when doing the assignments. (9-14 points) Team work was fairly well. However, there is a lack of equal cooperation. (15-22 points) The information was shared with a high level of cooperation. (23-30 points) 30 points
Grammar and spelling The sentences contain many mistakes and the most of the words are spelled incorrectly. (0-3 points) Sentences are missing key elements. (4-9 points) Few mistakes in spelling and grammar. (10-14 points) The student's production is really good. (15-20 points) 20 points
Content of knowledge Student's do NOT show effort in the activities. (0-9 points) Student's process shows some effort, sentences are more developed. (10-18 points) Student's process was very good, but not he/she can improve it. (19-29 points) Student's process has minimal error and shows depth of knowledge. (30-40 points) 40 points
Opinion The student is not able to give his/her own opinion. (0-3 points) The student gives his/her opinion based on the partners' points of view. (4-5 points) The student's points of view are good but he/she needs to go beyond. (6-7 points) The student's points of view are well developed. (8-10 points) 10 points

Total Score: 100

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