How does Ethnicity and Culture Influence Identity?



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If you have made it to this page, you must have completed all of the research questions and are ready to organise your presentation. 

The presentation:

  • In your groups you will have around 2 minutes to explain to your peers your research findings from the task 
  • Your presentation must address all the questions from task 3 and by the end of your presentation your peers should know:
    - Who the people from the cultural or ethnic group are
    - Where they come from 
    - What the rite of passage was (a brief explanation)
    - How long the ritual has been around for
    - It's links to the formation of identity (what changes about the individuals identity and sense of self and their inclusion into the wider culture or group occur)
  • One member from your group should also volunteer to provide the class with an example of how their ethnicity or culture has shaped their own identity

Note: It might be helpful if your group collates your information into a brief paragraph or dot points for your presentation

You will need to save and print your word document and hand it at the end of the lesson. This activity will not be considered complete unless all questions have been answered in full sentences with the use of course concepts.

Extension Activity

If you finish all of this before presentation time you can start on the following activity:

  • Using you allocated cultural or ethnic group from the research task, imagine you are an individual in this group and are about to undergo the ritual/rite of passage
  • Write a diary entry the day before the ritual is set to begin. Include your emotions, thoughts and feelings about leaving your old identity behind and forming a new enhanced version of your sense of self. Include you awareness for this rite as a traditional necessity of your culture or ethnicity. 


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