Khan's Sequences



This is how your work will be graded.


# 1 Point 5 Points 8 points 10 Score
Completed Project Did less than half of the project Only did one phase Completed two phases or needed more work on all three phases Completed all three phases standard met All pieces of the project were done to show mastery of the material 10
Math minimal amount of work was done and equations made no sense Data entered into Desmos and data was collected Exponential equations were written and used to find appropriate values Used their equation to find all of the values and all work was shown 10
Neatness and Organization Work is messy and incoherent Project was somewhat organized All pieces of the project are easy to access and writing is readable Every aspect of the project is neatly organized and easy to follow 10
Followed direction Did not follow direction or participate in project Followed some direction but needed many reminders about behavior Followed most instruction but was off task less than three times Followed all direction and was a positive character in class 10

Total Score: 40

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