Kitchen Remodel



Student teams will be graded using the rubric below.


# 1 2 3 4 Score
Presentation Confusing presentation. Not well organized. Several requested items are missing. Presentation is not organized and a few requested items are not included. Good presentation with all or no more than 1 item missing. Thorough and easy to follow presentation with information about all items requested. 25
Detailed Spreadsheet Very hard to follow, several items and their origins are missing. Difficult to read. One or more calculations may be incorrect. Some details are missing. The spreadsheet is not easy to read. One or more calculations may be incorrect. All items presented, but a bit confusing to follow. All calculations are correct and shown. All items present, accurate and presented in an organized manner. All calculations are correct and shown. 25
Budget vs Quality $1000 over budget Over budget by less than $1000 budget and one or more items don't meet the quality requested. Close to budget but with above average quality. On budget with average to above average quality. 25
Meeting Prospect Request and Expectations Color schemes don't go together. Misses the mark completely on what the prespect requested. Some consideration of what the prospect wanted. Meets almost everything the prospect wanted. Meets everything the propsect requested. 25

Total Score: 100

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