Albanian tourism - Tips for your visit

To do

Go for an evening walk along the new beach front deck and the sea front promenade where you can see locals strolling around or even men with bears on a leash or with snakes entwined around their necks! This is usually only in the summer when loads of tourists come.
Villa Hill (Kodra e Viles), Rruga Currila. Panoramic view of Durres seaside at Currilat from top of a newly reclaimed hill
Seaside Large Steps (Shkallet tek Brryli), Intersection between Rruga Currila and Rruga Taulantia (Brryli area). Sit and admire the sea from up close on these large steps descending into the water
Visit the Open Port Festival where the Port of Durres opens to the public every year in May featuring various exhibits of historic ships and modern inventions coupled with local entertainment.
Take a look at interesting films from around the world at the annual Durres International Film Summer Festival in early September.
Visit Scanderbeg Castle, Ishem Castle and Shen Ndout Church near Lalzit Bay in Cape of Rodon.
Take a tour of the wine producing region of Gjepalaj and visit the local Kokomani Winery.I don't think you will miss these places, won't you?

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