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# Needs to improve Satisfacory Good Excellent Score
CONTENT The student doesn't use the content of the class. The student most of the times use the content of the class. Frequently, use the content of the class with some errors that do not affect the message. Excellent use of content without any error.
VOCABULARY The use that it gives to the vocabulary studied in class indicates that he does not know his meaning. The use that you give to vocabulary studied in class indicates who does not know the meaning of some terms. Use the vocabulary studied in most class of the times in correct form Use correctly the vocabulary studied in class.
FLUENCY The student doesn't know how to express the ideas. The student speends time hesitating. The student express almost clearly their ideas without hesitating. Perfect speech.
COMPREHENSION The explanation is elaborated with many errors The explanation is presented with almost all correct. The activities are presented and explained clearly. Perfect explanation.

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