Los Jovenes en Latin America



Students will be evaluated on written work that is a hard copy turned in or e-mailed to the teacher.  Accuracy of information, completely following directions, and ownership of work will be considered in the grading process.  The skit will be evaluated on presentation and clarity of communication.  Each student earns his or her own grade, even though the work is done in pairs.  


# Unacceptable (0-4) Needs Improvement (5-9) Almost there! (10-14) You've got it! (15-20) Score
Writing No sentences about any of topics, not turned in on time. Score of 0-4 Less than 5 sentence per section, more than 8 grammatical errors.Wrote in English Score of 5-9 5 or more sentences per section, 6-8 errors. Wrote in Spanish and some English Score of 10-14 8 or more sentences per section, 3 or more pictures, invitation sent to Sra.Ransby,and less than 6 grammatical errors. Wrote entirely in Spanish Score of 15-20 20
Presentation No pictures, not turned in on time,no video Score of 0-4 0-2 pictures.Video was 1 minute,spoke in English majority of time Score of 5-9 2-3 pictures.Video was 2 minutes.Spoke English and Spanish majority of time. Score of 10-14 Video included all requirements. Both students were in video.Spoke entirely in Spanish Score of 15-20 20

Total Score: 40

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