Methods of Depreciation



Below is the rubric which will be used to evaluate your work. Please ensure that your read an understand.


# Excellent Very Good Below Average Poor Score
1. Definition of Term Term was accurately defined with appropriate examples. (4 Marks) Term was accurately defined with one example. (4 marks) Term was defined with no examples. (3marks) Term was partially defined. (1 marks) 5 marks
2. List at least three (3) causes of depreciation. Causes of depreciation listed was relevant. (5 marks) causes of depreciation were listed. 4.5 marks Two causes of depreciation was relevant. 4 marks Causes of depreciation is not identified. 0 marks 5 marks
3. Define fixed assets and give four (4) examples Definition of term is relevant as well as all the examples, 6 marks Term define with 3 examples. 4 marks Definition of term is inadequate. 2 marks Lacks clarity. 1 mark 6 marks
4. Explain the methods to calculate depreciation and know their formulas Methods accurately explained, Calculations are clear and there was substantial information descriptions on the methods. 9 marks Explanation is clear and relevant 7marks Calculations was lacking, 3 marks Calculations was lacking and there is no explanation. 0 marks 9 marks

Total Score: 25 marks

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