The evaluation tool for this WebQuest will be a rubric. The rubric sets guidelines to promote consistent application of learning expectations, attainment of learning objectives, and or learning standards. 


# Beginning-1 Developing-2 Proficient-3 Distinguished-4 Score
On task/Followed directions Did not stay on task or follow directions. Followed some directions; required prompts to stay on task. Followed most directions and stayed focused. Followed all directions and stayed completely focused and on task. 20%
Successfully completed all tasks Did not complete any tasks. Successfully completed 1 task. Successfully completed 2 tasks. Successfully completed all tasks. 45%
Used appropriate strategies to complete task/ Showed work No written computations or strategies shown. Some written computations and strategies shown. Used written computations and showed work to solve majority of the assignments. Used written computation and showed work to solve all of the assignments. 35%

Total Score: 100%

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