Mountains around the world



We will be learning about the mountains around the world, there are 8 regions of the world that we will be exploring. North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, The Middle East, Australia, and Antarctica.
Find the Highest peak of each continent.
Find a focus mountain that interests you the most and why.
Make a simple powerpoint or report on your favorite mountain, do you want to climb it one day?

(the picture above shows the steepest mountains in the world, Trango Towers. )


# 100 80 70 60 Score
Power point length Over ten pages. Less than ten pages. Less than eight pages. Less than six pages. 25
Grammar and Spelling. Perfect sentence structure, proper wording, and correct spelling. Mostly correct with few errors. Has many errors either sentence structure, word use or spelling. Has many errors in all categories, in grammar, word usage and spelling. 25
Pictures and details. Has a picture and specific details on all slides. Has a picture and details on most slides. Has pictures and details on some of the slides. does not have any pictures or specific details on slides. 25
Creativity and Effort. Slides are well decorated with backgrounds, colors, transitions and other features that can be added. All Slides are decorated with at least one feature. Most slides have at least one added feature. No added features found on slides. 25

Total Score: 100

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