Music in the 19th century



This is the rubric you will be graded on. Please look at it and know everything that you are responsible for and make sure to follow what you are expected to do. Students will be graded by three objectives and can earn a possible 20 points for each objective, totaling 60 points for the entire assignment.


# 0 points 10 points 15 points 20 points Score
Students will be able to identify 6 composers from the 19th century None identified Only half identified 4-5 composers identified 6 composers identified 20
Students will be able to identify the traditional forms of the movements of a symphony None identified Only half of them identified 3 of the 4 movements identified All movements identified 20
Students will be able to talk about the two pieces I asked them about No indication that the student listened Very brief and vague description Listened to the music, but not with a very great attention to detail Listened to music and is adequately describing music 20

Total Score: 60

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