Field Trip to the Eiffel Tower


Here you will find the rubric that will be used to grade each step of this assignment. Make sure you look over it to receive full credit. 


# 0 1 2 3 Score
Research The student did not watch any of the videos. The student only watched one video. The student watched all but one video. The student watched all videos. 25
Writing exercises Does not complete writing exercises after each video. Completes some, but not all writing exercises. Completes all writing exercises but does not use theorems. Completes all writing exercises while correctly using theorems. 30
Hands-on Activity Student does not complete hands on activity. Completes model, but does not include evidence of mathematical work. Completes model, but does the bare minimum. Student accurately creates to-scale model of the Eiffel Tower, and demonstrates multiple uses of similar triangles. 35
Summary Student does not attempt summary of project. Student's summary is not complete. Student completes summary of trip, but does not include examples. Student completes summary of trip and provides examples of how this math can be used in their own life. 10

Total Score: 100

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