Essay is evaluated by the teacher.
Total: 100%
- Content: 30-25% - The writer has thought carefully about the topic, providing individual point of view proving its visions.             
24-15% - The writer’s voice is not very strong because he/she does not seem to be writing what he/she believes and knows. There is a lack of proving individual point of view.
14-0% - The writer needs to think more about the topic because the point he/she is trying to make is not clear. The author’s voice is not strong because no beliefs of his/her own are included.
- Organization: 20-17% - The essay is clearly organized, there are separate introductory, body (one or more) and concluding paragraphs. The writer uses a variety or linking devices. The writer’s logic is clear and easy to follow.
16-10% - The author uses simple linking devices or the number of linking devices is limited. The logic is not always easy to follow because of irrelevant information or minor logical errors.
9-0% - The writer needs to divide the text into the right paragraphs and separate the main points from each other. There are no or very few linking devices. The writer’s logic is hard or impossible to follow.
- Vocabulary: 20-17% - The writer uses a wide range of vocabulary and chooses the vocabulary carefully to communicate clearly. There are practically no vocabulary mistakes (1-2 minor mistakes).
16-10% - The writer uses an adequate range of vocabulary, but there are some vocabulary mistakes (3-5).
9-0% - The vocabulary is inaccurate, causing the reader to stop and question; or -there are more than 5 vocabulary mistakes which do not impede communication.
- Grammar: 20-17% - The writer uses a wide range of structures to convey the message. There are very few grammar mistakes (1-2 minor mistakes).
16-10% - The author uses an adequate range of structures, but there are 3-5 grammar mistakes.
9-0% - There are more than 5 grammar mistakes
- Spelling & Punctuation: 10-9% - The writer follows the rules for spelling and punctuation. There are very few spelling/punctuation mistakes (1-2 mistakes).
8-5% - The author mainly follows the rules, but there are some errors in spelling and punctuation (3-5 mistakes).
4-0% - There are more than 5 spelling/punctuation mistakes.

Business plan is evaluated by classmates.
Total: 21.
- 0-3 – Is the idea follows “Timing” criteria?
- 0-12 - Are all the sections of business plan covered? Evaluate each:
o Business details – 0-3;
o Marketing & sales strategy – 0-3;
o Management team & personnel – 0-3;
o Setup – 0-3.
- 0-3 – Is chosen outsourcing model reasonable and does it really bring benefit to the business?
- 0-3 – Is chosen CSR policy argued enough?

Presentation is evaluated by the teacher.
Total: 9 points
- Duration: 2 – 15-19 min;
1 – 9-14 min/20-22 min;
0 – less than 8 min/more than 22 min.
- Content: 3 – all the points are described well;
2 – some important points stay unclear/uncovered;
1 – only half of the points are covered;
0 – less than half of the points are covered.
- Lexical diversity and fluency: 2 - diverse language, topical and out-of-class vocabulary used successfully, speech fluent;
1 – relative diversity, attempts to incorporate topical and out-of-class vocabulary, minor errors in usage, relative fluency;
0 – no diversity, topical vocabulary left unattended, serious mistakes in usage, no fluency.
- Visualization: 2 – visual materials full of graphics and charts, table and pictures and shows the most important information;
1 – visual materials shows few graphs, charts, tables and pictures and more text than needed;
0 – presentation has lack of visual illustrations and shows much text description.

In total, you'll get 3 marks for the project: one is for the essay, one is for the business plan and the final mark is for the presentation.


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