Electricity production in Czech Republic



The task consists of two parts 

PowerPoint Presentation
A 250 word essay
You will be graded according to this following criteria:

A) Level of English in both parts - 25%
B) Information elaboration  - 25%
C) Way of prezentation in front of the class - 25%
D) Meeting the requirements in time (min. 10 slides and min. 250 words) - 25%

A) Proper English, almost zero grammatical mistakes, student shows that he or she properly understands grammatical rules  (25%)
Good English with small mistakes in few sentences, students shows that he or she needs brief revision of specific grammatical principles (10%)
Poor English with many mistakes; improper sentences, students shows that he or she does not have enough knowledge about english grammar for example mixes tenses  (5 %)

B) A lot of information and many terms presented in both PPT and the essay, student clearly understands key concepts, terms (25%)
Passable amount of information, but some of the concepts are not efficiently explained, students shows some gaps (10%)
huge lack of infromation in both works, students clearly show no understanding of the subject (5%)

C) A decent presentation without any major pauses; good pronunciation (25%)
A good presentation with small pauses; minor pronunciation mistakes (10%)
A very poor speech production which includues bad pronounciation, long pauses (5%) 

D) 10 slides and 250 words (25%)
7 to 9 slides and above 220 words (10%)
3 to 6 slides and below 200 words (5%)

Grade 1: 90 to 100%
Grade 2: 80 to 89%
Grade 3: 60 to 79%
Grade 4: 40 to 59%
Grade 5: Below 40% (FAILED)

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