Life After High School: What is REALLY important to know?



Based out of 40 total points. Based off of effort, creativity, knowledge, and presentation.


# Poor (1-3 points) Acceptable (4-6 points) Sublime (7-10 points) Score
Group Effort Done mainly by 1-2 students. Most work done together, but one or two students sat out. All students put in equal effort. /10
Content Knowledge Inaccurately/does not describe information. Has some general clue as to what they are saying. Has detailed knowledge of content. /10
Craft Little effort involved, not creative, last minute. Some time invested, relevant, looks presentable. Looks great, ties to presentation, lots of time invested. /10
Presentation One person talks, nobody knows what to say, poorly planned. Most group members talk, somewhat engaging. Engaging, all members involved, enjoyable to watch. /10

Total Score: /40

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