It is at this point that I will grade your presentation.  What I am looking for is that you have done the work in class, as well as taken some time outside of class to work on this presentation.  I want to know about your constellation, what it looks like, what season we see it most, and any other interesting facts about this constellation.  I will let you use one piece of tagboard to tell me about this, or you can use a PowerPoint presentation to tell me about this.  You will be given five minutes to tell me about this constellation.  If you go over just a little bit, it won't hurt you.  If you're a little under, that won't hurt your score either.  I want to see you having fun with this, and it will show if you complete the presentation on time, and use these dimensions to complete this work.  


# 1--Little to no Effort 2--Minimal Effort 3--Effort and Progress 4--Maximum Effort Score
Teamwork There was little to no team work shown in this presentation. The group could not agree or had trouble with one another. The group was able to work together, only in class, and very sporadically. This group worked regularly in class, and even found some extra time to work on their presentation. The group was able to work together often, even taking the time to work outside of class to get their presentation ready. They were having fun. 0
Footwork in the project There were little to no facts presented to this class, and their work seemed rushed. There was a slight amount of interest shown by the students in what they learned They provided all of the information required about their constellation, 1-2 interesting facts, and they chose to work together on the presentation itself. Maybe one-two errors made during the work. The group took turns talking about at least 3-5 or even more facts about their constellation. They gave the name, where it's located presently, and they used the resources available to help with their presentation. 0
Presentation The presentation had a few facts, but there were errors that occurred due to spelling, improper information given, and even just goofing around. The presentation contained all of the facts the group could come up with, and was withing the required time limit. This group did the minimum of what was required in presenting their facts. This presentation does not feel like two worked on it, but one did this part and the other did the talking. This presentation had a lot of fun elements to it, but it had one-two errors that occurred during presentation. The group recovered, and had fun with project. This presentation was fun. These two have worked on the presentation multiple times, and they were confident in their work. They engaged the class, even had us answer some questions they knew the answers to in order to have more fun. 0
Timing of Presentation The presentation was too short, less than one minute. This presentation was just about 2 minutes in length, or it was about 9 minutes long. This timing was at the 3 minute mark. It could also be at around the 6-8 minute mark in length. This presentation was 4-5 minutes in length, and all the information was given to the class. 0

Total Score: 0

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