Matter and Energy in Ecosystems



Step 4:Analysis and Conclusions Rubric

Step 5 Analysis and Conclusions Rubric


# Proficient Emerging Needs Improvement Not Attempted Score
Application Biological concepts were applied thoughtfully (30pts) Biological concepts were applied somewhat (20pts) Biological concepts were mentioned but not applied meaningfully (10pts) Biological concepts were not mentioned (0pts) 30
Components Present All required components were present (15pts) Most required components were present (10pts) Little to no required components were present (5pts) Incomplete or Off Topic (0pts) 15
Accuracy All information presented is accurate and cited. (30pts) Most information presented is accurate and cited. (20pts) Information presented is inaccurate or not cited. (10pts) Information presented is completely inaccurate and no citations provided. (0pts) 30
Creativity Components were original and neatly presented. (15pts) Components were mostly original and semi-neatly presented. (10pts) Components were mostly unoriginal and slightly disorganized when presented. (5pts) Components were unoriginal and disorganized when presented. (0pts) 15

Total Score: 90

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