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The following evaluation will be used to score the project. Students will be required to show research and economic benefits of growing peppers in a green house instead of open field.


# Category 1 (0 -2) Category 2 (3-5) Category 3 (6 -7) Category 4 ( 8- 10) Score
Provide information relevant to task ( germination, green house) . Research is adequate. With Findings a recommendations. Incorporate audio, video and text Limited research and recommendations Shows research with at least 3 recommendations Detail research with at least 5 recommendations Adequate research with more than 5 recommendations 10
Perform measurements in metric and or perform conversion from inches to centimeters (calculations should be in metric) Measurements completed but not converted Measurements converted for some values Measurements and estimates are realistic for some values All measurement and estimates are realistic and properly converted to metric 10
Create Graph Graph created but not labelled Graph created for correct values Graph created with labels and some labels Graph created having correct values 10
Perform accurate calculations Perform some calculations correctly Perform calculations for some values Perform most values with estimates All estimates and values are calculated correctly 10

Total Score: 40

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