Forces in Two Dimensions and Inclined Plane WebQuest



     Guidelines for writing lab reports:-
  1. The Lab report must be a group report. Each group must submit one report and should have all the names of the participants included.
  2. The group report will be graded based on the rubric below.
  3. No late reports will be accepted, late reports will be accepted only with a valid excuse but with grade reduction penalty.
  4. Reports will be graded on the correct interpretation of the results rather than "right" results.
  5. Please follow the scientific method while performing the experiments and analyzing the results. Detailed steps can be found in the website, the link of which is attached  https://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-projects/science-fair/steps-of-the-scientific-method
  6. The lab report is expected to be a collaborative effort of all members of the group, failure to comply with this will result in penalty in grades. 
  7. Students must be cautious and responsible with the equipment while performing the experiment.


# Does Not Meet(0) Partially Meets(2) Meets(3) Exceeds(4) Score
Title and objectives No title or objectives included Includes name of the lab without specifying the goals or the scientific principle being tested Includes title and specifies the goals and objectives briefly Includes the title and clearly specifies lab goal and provides sufficient information with the title and clear purposes ,important ideas that led to the design of the experiment 4
Hypothesis Not clear Somewhat clear statement but no specific details Clear statement but lacks depth Clear statement of fact utilizing higher order thinking including if, then etc. 4
Data/Graphs Important data elements missing. No Graph/diagram Graph/diagram with errors. Graph diagrams and data elements are presented, but minute errors Clear and neat graph/diagram, with no errors and units included. 4
Analysis and calculations Not defined, no calculations included Defined but not clear whether right or wrong, includes at least one data descriptions and calculations Clearly defined but has not included all data required Clearly defined whether right or wrong with explanations, detailed data descriptions, correct calculations 4

Total Score: /16

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