La Clase de Español

La tarea


  • Individually write a composition in Spanish stating any FIVE (5) things you and your family did last summer. Remember to use a title for your composition 
  • OR
  • Individually write an email in Spanish to your Spanish-speaking pen-pal telling him/her any FIVE(5) things you and your family did last summer. Then ask him/her to reply stating ONE thing he/she did. 

NB: content includes: grammar, vocabulary etc

NB: Presentation includes: creativity


# Content Presentation Expression Organization Score
Pic. story 10/mrks 5/mrks
Chart 10/mrks 5/mrks
Composition 10/mrks 3/mrks 2/mrks 15/mrks
E-mail 10/mrks 3/mrks 2/mrks 15/mrks

Total Score: 30/mrks

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