Revolutionary War



Students should refer to the rubric below. In order to receive the grade that you desires, you should follow along with the rubric standards.


# 8 to 10 points 5 to 7 points 2 to 4 points 0 to 1 points Score
WebQuest worksheet The worksheet has been filled out completely with plenty of information. The worksheet is filled out, but missing key points in the information. The worksheet is partially filled out. The worksheet is barely complete or not at all. 20
Historical Accuracy of Writing The historical facts are accurate. The answers are also in-depth brining about deep thoughts. The historical facts are accurate; however, it is not as in-depth making the students knowledge about the event more limited. The historical information is somewhat accurate, but also has inaccurate details incorporated. The historical content is inaccurate or the student did not do it. 30
Quality of writing Essay is grammatically correct with 1-2 errors. Essay is grammatically correct with less than 5 errors. Essay has many grammatical errors. Essay is grammatically incorrect with many errors making it difficult to read and comprehend. 30
Research The student has done their research and effectively portrays their knowledge. The student has done adequate research, but still shows understanding. The student has done sub par research, and does not show understanding of it. The student did not conduct research. 20

Total Score: 100

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