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Choose in the rubric where are the short message,letter, invitation, announcement, and advertisement for this task you will be assessed on the completion of the web quest.This includes answering the question from the texts.


# Short Mesagge Invitation Announcement Advertisement Score
to: Alan I've just received news from Hendri. This afternoon Mrs. Haryanto wants us to finish our project at school. Please don't come late. Our group presentation must be good next week
Friends join us to celebrate Budi 15th birthday Monday 12nd May 2017 4:00 p.m Dewi street no.13
POSTER COMPETITION Friday, august 19 2017 1234 scout hall 1p.m-3 p.m your poster must be: - Original - Colorful
Blog Training we're opening special classes for you,beginner blogger. Training will be held from Monday to Friday Registration is open from 08;00 a.m- 04:00 p.m

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