During this WebQuest, you will be graded on different criteria. Below you will see a rubric for what is expected for this WebQuest. This assignment is worth 100 points. Multiply your final score by two to get your final score out of 100.


# 10-8 7-5 4-2 1-0 Score
Group Work Students share workload equally and work efficiently. No disruptions Students share most of the work load and work efficiently. Rarely disruptive. Students do not share the work load or stay off task part of the time. Students hardly stay on task and are disruptive to the class. /10
Research Research has correct scientific literacy and is current. Research is mostly scientifically correct and is current. Some research provided is not scientifically correct and/or is not current. Research is not scientifically correct and/or is not current. /10
Presentation: Worth 20 points!! Both partners of the group present part of the research. Visual aide is provided and is clear and creative. Contains occurrence, death rate, interesting facts Both partners present part of the information. Visual aide is present but maybe not so clear or creative. Contains occurrence, death rate,and interesting facts. One partner dominates the presentation. Or Visual aide is present but not clear or creative. Contains some of the elements but not all(occurrence, death rate, interesting facts) Partners are not prepared to present. Visual aide may not be present or if it is present it is not clear or creative. Does not contain occurrence, death rate, or interesting facts. /20
Completion All work is completed on time and attempted. Most work is completed on time and attempted. Part of the work is completed on time and partially attempted. Work is not finished and not attempted. /10

Total Score: /50

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