GYMNASTICS: Measuring your Strength and Flexibility



Practical Examination

Each students will be group with 5 members and everyone is advised to wear a blind fold while they are doing the basic positions in gymnastics to be instructed by the leader.

✔ Play an upbeat music during the executions of the basic position in gymnastics


# (Excellent) 100 pts Precise performance, properly structured, maximum amount of elements! (Good) 75 pts Detailed routine, properly structured (Fair) 50 pts Adequate performance and knowledge (Needs Improvement) 25 pts Minimum requirements, or not all Score
(JUMP AND TURN) straight , tuck, straddle, pike, 1/2, full 2 Combinations of 2 or more jumps uses hands and rotations shows effort and enthusiasm three or more turns 1 Combination of 2 or more jumps uses hands shows enthusiasm two turns Two jumps with little effort one turn or less One jump no effort no turns 10%
(TRANSITION) Routine flows smoothly Continuous movement, smooth transitions, no pauses except when balancing always smooth transition between skills with little to no pausing Minor disruptions between skills able to make transition Continually stopping hard transitions from one move to the next 25%
(TUMBLING AND BALANCE) forward roll, backward roll, Shoulder roll, log roll Single leg pike stand, single leg tuck stand, pyramids, Crane, headstand, Round off, cartwheel...etc 5 or more skills throughout with 2 or 3 double or triple combinations skills show perfect form 5 or more balance moves shows maximal effort and enthusiasm 3-4 skills throughout with a double or triple combination skills shows good form able to execute correctly most of the time 3-4 balance moves shows effort 1-2 skills throughout skills are acceptable but needs work 1 balance move shows little effort 0 skills throughout not performed correctly 0-1 balance move no effort 30%
(EXECUTION/DIFFICULTIES) How well the above elements are performed Use of proper form in executing difficult skills Attempt to perform Difficult skills Use of proper form in executing intro skills Attempt to intro skills 35%

Total Score: 100%


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