The Elements of Weather.



In completing the task given, you will be evaluated on evaluated on:

 1. The definition you have given for weather.

 2. How well you differentiated the elements of weather.
 3. If the song you created as a group was in harmony, contained the correct information about the weather. 


# Very poor Needs improvement Very good Examplary Score
Created a proper definition for weather. Very poor. Needs more effort. The definition had in key words. The definition was thoroughly thought about. 5
Differentiation of the elements of weather. Very Poor. Paragraph was missing some key words. Paragraph had in key words. Paragraph had in key words and was understandable. 10
How the song or poem was executed. The song or poem was jumbled. The song or poem lacked clarity and the necessary information. The song or poem made sense and it had it the necessary information. The song or poem had in the necessary information and it was delivered brilliantly. 20
Indidvidual participation Student did not show any effort to complete the given task. More effort could have been put into participating. Student showed effort in participating in group the activity. Student was involved in group activity and showed knowledge of what he/she was doing 10

Total Score:

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