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A Sweet Change in Season

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How well do you know the 4 Seasons? What season is best to tap sugar maple trees? What is appropriate clothing to wear if it is Winter?
Evaluation Rubric


Identifying the 4 Seasons Could not identify any seasons. Could identify 2 out of 4 seasons. Could identify 3 out of 4 seasons. Could Identify all 4 seasons. 50%

Goal: Which season should sugar maple trees be tapped? No response. Minimal response, does not include a season. Answers with any season: Winter, Fall, Spring, or Summer. Answers with Winter or Spring. 25%

Fulfilling the activities. Student did not fulfill any of the activities. The student fulfilled one of the activities and began the others. The student fulfilled two or three activities and began the others. The student fulfilled all the activities. 15%

Participation The student did not participate in the task(s). The student has a poor performance in the task(s). The student shows some participation in doing the task(s) but he/she doesn't fulfill the goals. The student participates in all task(s) and assignments. 15%

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