Levels of Production



For this task you will assessed on the completion of the webquest. This includes answering all the questions in complete sentences with appropriate references.





Definition of Production

Definition is concise, current and accurate

(3-4 marks)

Limited content covered

(2-3 marks)

No interpretation in the context to the course

(1-2 marks)

Explanation of Self-sufficiency

Explanation is adequate, current and accurate with appropriate examples

(4-5 marks)

Explanation is centered mainly on dictionary explanation

(3-4 marks)

Explanation is very limited and lacks appropriate examples

(1-3 marks)

Advantage and Disadvantage of domestic production

Accurate advantages and disadvantages

(5-6 marks)

Limited advantages and disadvantages

(4-5 marks)

Limited and outdated advantages and disadvantages

(1-3 marks)

Levels of Production

Levels accurately and clearly listed

(4-5 marks)

Only few levels listed

(3-4 marks)

Limited or outdated levels listed

(1-3 marks).



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