Family Types




                                                                Match the correct answers
  1.       Nuclear Family                                          A family consisting of parent and children, uncles,cousins and other relatives.

         2.       Single Parent Family                                A family consisting of mother, father and children.

         3.       Extended Family                                         A family consisting of mother or father and child or children

                                                    Answer in complete sentences

       4.      What is a family?

      5.     Tell two (2) importance of the family


# Beginning Developing Very Good Exemplary Score
Identifying different family types from PowerPoint presentation Children can identify the names of the different family types but are unable to associate it by definition. Children recognises and identifies at least one (1) family type by name and definition. Children recognises and identifies at least two (2)family types shown. Children recognises and identifies all family type shown by name, depiction and definition. 12
State definition of the term family. Child has very little understanding of the term family. However, can associate that family is a group of people. Children can associate and recognise at least two key words within the definition. However they have not fully mastered. Children can associate some key words within the definition but has not completely grasp the term. Children has fully grasp the the term and can associate all key words. 10
Tell at least two importance of the family. Child has very little knowledge on the importance of family. However, child is aware that families are important. Children have some knowledge of the importance of family but needs help for clarity. Children can name at least one (1) importance of family without the assistance of teacher. Children can say and tell the importance of a family and associate it with real life situations. 12
Can draw a picture of family members using the computer Child can select shape using cursor. However, child is unable to form a figure of family member with assistance. Children has some knowledge about using shapes to form a figure, and is able to use shapes to form at least one family member with little assistance. Children can use shapes within a PowerPoint presentation to form figures of at least two(2) family members. Children has mastered using shapes within a PowerPoint presentation to draw members of their family. 13

Total Score: 47

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